Mid-Valley Economic Indicators—Linn County (Albany MSA)

Unemployment rates have gone down again in all the Mid-Valley counties, good news for job seekers. Unemployment rates for various areas are as follows: U.S.- 4.3 percent, Oregon- 3.6 percent, Linn County- 4.1 percent, Marion County- 3.7 percent, Polk County- 3.8, and Yamhill County- 3.2 percent.

Seasonally adjusted total nonfarm payroll employment was down slightly over the past month but up over the year in the Mid-Valley.

During the recent recession August 2011 was the low for seasonally adjusted total nonfarm employment (209,640) for the Mid-Valley counties. This is 19,520 or 8.5 percent below the February 2008 pre-recession employment high. April 2017 marked a new high for the seasonally adjusted total nonfarm employment: 242,360. The new high was 13,200 (5.8 percent) above the pre-recession high. The May 2017 seasonally adjusted total nonfarm employment was 241,470; a drop of 950 or 0.4 percent from April.

Industry spotlight: The Information industry includes publishing (newspaper, periodical, book, directory, and software); motion picture and sound recording; broadcasting (radio, TV, cable, and other subscription programming); telecommunications (wired, wireless, and satellite); data processing, hosting, and related; and, the ever present other information services.

In the Mid-Valley, the Information industry’s peak employment came in January through March 2001 (2,990). The industry’s employment hit a low of 1,540 in parts of 2013 through 2015. The industry has grown very slowly since then, reaching 1,820 in May 2017.

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